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A Book for Anyone with Adventure in Their Soul


From Nucla to Julesberg and La Junta to Dinosaur, there is much to Colorado that can not be seen and experienced on the interstates. A system of Scenic Byways showcases Colorado's outstanding scenery and history in 25 routes that follow two-lane highways, gravel roads, and jeep trails. Until now, information on the scenic byways has been scattered and sketchy. Fortunately for travelers interested in taking the "other road," award-winning photographer Jim Steinberg and author Susan J. Tweit are collaborating on Colorado Scenic Byways, a two volume set exploring these intriguing routes. Stunning, full-page color photos, and evocative essays make Colorado Scenic Byways the perfect gift book and keepsake; a route-by-route narrative full of details on history, geology, nature, and local culture. Maps, elevation profiles, and insider information make the accompanying Road Guide essential for the well-equipped byway traveler.

Colorado Scenic Byways Atlas

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